For over 100 years, Olds Agricultural Society has been one of those organizations that town and country folk both participate in. And now it has evolved into the Olds Regional Exhibition.
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Olds Regional Exhibition Facilities
RV Storage | Stabling | Kitchen | Exhibition Hall | Ball Diamonds

ORE is proud to offer relevant facilities to our agriculture, industry and community clients. The dedicated staff are committed to providing a valuable experience to assure that each event meets or exceeds its quality expectations. ORE strives to implement improvements and efficiencies to better serve the growing annual event portfolio which includes youth, livestock, sales, shows, entertainment, training, celebrations, weddings, awards and much more.

  • Founded 1899
  • 1 of 7 Regional Exhibitions
  • 65 acres of wholly owned and operated land
  • 140,550 square feet of indoor space
  • Over 700 days of annual activity
  • 95% of activity is primary ag production & agri-business
  • Over 46,000 visitors annually

  • Indoor RV, Vehicle & Boat Storage
    • Please check back for the Winter 2023/2024 Rental Agreement

  • Stabling & Stalling

  • Commercial Kitchen
    We are very excited to be able to offer you this added feature and one that will have an elevated level of execution and service. Our goal is to be all encompassing and strive to offer you everything you could imagine for your event in one convenient location. All you have to do is show up and the rest will be taken care of!

  • Exhibition Hall
    This hall is specialized for events of a hospitality nature in the Cow Palace Event Centre; weddings, anniversaries, funerals/celebrations of life, concerts, cabarets, reunions, banquets, etc. (non-agriculture/livestock related)

  • Ball Diamonds
    ORE is excited to welcome players to the Exhibition's Ball Diamonds X4 & X5! The ball diamonds on the Exhibition Grounds are located just south of the MegaDome. Our diamonds are mowed once a week, garbage and portable toilet are on site, and hand drags will be made available for users. These diamonds are open and ready for bookings! To book your time, just send us an e-mail and we'll get your teams set up for a summer of enjoyment!

  • Contact ORE to book your next event.

The Cow Palace, all newly paved, was home to Chautauqua 2011.

The source of agriculture, youth, community and agribusiness since 1899.

ORE provides Food and Beverage services. Please refer to the catering menu options below for food and beverage options to suit your needs.

Introduced to the exhibition grounds in the summer of 2006, the MegaDome is a fabric covered arena that is 130' x 230', a suitable venue for a variety of shows, and home to the Alberta BMX Racers during the winter months.

ORE has easy access indoor, secure storage for your recreational vehicles from October 15th to April.

Grand Opening of ORE's Community Commercial Kitchen was in October 2017.

Whirlwind and Laura Iversen competing in equestrian.

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ORE is mandated to welcome the future with a genuine commitment to being sustainable in financial security, ag-industry leadership, and community vitality. OLDS REGIONAL EXHIBITION | Box 3751, Olds Alberta Canada T4H 1P5
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Open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm
Admin Office & Cow Palace Event Centre: 5116 - 54 St
Caluori Pavilion & MegaDome: 5223 - 54 St
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Links - We pay special tribute to the sponsors of our many events. Please visit any of these websites, and consider these businesses when making your purchasing decisions.   Besides a great campground in town right across from the Exhibition Grounds, there are good hotels and motels in town, and in the surrounding region.   Click here to use the Google Map to the Exhibition Grounds in Olds.

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